Side By Side / Art and Poetry

Linda’s newest book is a collaboration with artist Colleen Maloney, following a mixed media gallery show in Seattle’s Pioneer Square in September, 2019. The book gives you the gallery experience, featuring on facing pages Colleen’s luscious prints with their accompanying poems by Linda. In the back-cover review, Shift Gallery artist Peggy Murphy describes the book: “The two collaborators give us the sensuality of life—the perfume of sweet peas, the palpable stillness of an empty room, the savory taste of a hamburger, the whir of lawn sprinklers, and the anticipation of a freshly baked pie. They remind us to slow down and pay attention—that the simple moments count.” REVIEWS BY READERS: “Yeah! What vibrant colors and words! With everything so oppressive and urgent right now, your book is a ray of sunshine to soothe and refresh the spirit.” “Your poetry is really wonderful, as is Colleen’s art. Together you have created what you described in the poem Bouquet—an irresistible bunch (of poems and pictures).” “What an inspired undertaking! A beam of light in a dark time.” This book is available from the author.